Crown the smartphone of the year 2013


Samsung Galaxy S Duos – Designed for Idiots!!


SAMSUNG GALAXY S III is no doubt considered to be one of the best phones available as of now. But, as apple would say, tired of copying APPLE’s idea SAMSUNG thought of copying their own.. 😛 Samsung Galaxy S Duos, who on earth would just go for a phone (is it really?) with specs which were available 2-3 years back, just because it RESEMBLES S3.. I would suggest you not to go on looks as it might be deceiving as it resembles S3… Considering the specs of others in the same range or 2k more, it is one of the OUTDATED phones in market.


* It resembles Samsung Galaxy S3

* 4 inch Display


* 1 GHz single core processor

* 768 MB RAM

* 2 GB internal memory

* TFT capacitive touchscreen

* adreno 200 (biggest loss for GAMERS)

* No LED notification

* No move to sd card option available, not even after downloading App2SD ( I haven’t checked this.. Complaints from users..)

* No HD recording

* No HD video playback

* You need to pay for the calls on the second sim (if you are toking on the first one, its just like call forwarding :P)

A big no for this one..!!