The best FPS game of 2013



As the year 2013 goes by it left the gamers titillated for the holiday season with the world’s most anticipated First Person Shooter games released in November 2013. Yes we are talking about the two giants of the gaming industry Infinity Ward and DICE. Gamers around the world hit the stores to get their hands onto the most anticipated games of 2013. Though both Battlefield and Call of Duty have different ways of portraying FPS gaming but one just cannot stop himself from comparing the two and here we are trying to look through every meticulous detail we can find about how the games fared and which one appealed more to the gaming community.

Single Player Campaign

After Infinity ward’s previous Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare 2 gave the gamers an immersive experience in the single player campaign with a great story and some breath taking moments, a lot was expected from Ghosts. The story is straight forward but fresh, there are some amazing visual effects in the form of explosions in the environment and specially the space combat scenario which are bound to take you by surprise. Infinity Ward was indeed successful in winning the hearts of the gamers in the campaign section.

cod ghosts campaign

On the other hand Battlefield 4 has a more weapon based action, it seems like DICE is still trying to capture the Call of Duty magic in its campaign but somehow fails, what is worth watching is the action packed open map combats which one can anyway experience in the multiplayer. So, for this section Call of Duty Ghosts is a winner.

battlefield 4 campaign


The multiplayer gameplay is quite different for both the games. Battlefield has always had the huge maps long range gun and vehicle combats where as call of duty relied on gun or hand close range high action combats. Both the games are equally appealing to the audience but battlefield 4 has taken the combat to a whole new level of  realism. With the Frostbite 3 engine the building destruction, reflections and overall gameplay immerses you in a whole new way and you just can help but play for long hours.Not only this, Battlefield 4 has its battlelog app for the smartphones and tablets, you can set up your loadout or you can be a part of a game and send combat orders to your squad directly on the go without  keeping you engrossed in the action even when you are away from your console or pc. This surely makes things better for the players who want to stay in touch with the game even on the move.

battlefield 4 multiplayer

  Battlelog for Tablets and Smartphones

battlelog for tablets and smartphones

Call of Duty has always been a leader in multiplayer FPS gaming with its action packed gameplay and killstreak system. This year also Infinity Ward did not let its supporters down with Ghosts. There are some new and fresh game modes like  blitz and cranked which improve the overall experience and keep you engrossed till the very end of the game. But somehow Infinity Ward failed to bring about any significant changes to the gameplay which totally feel like Call of Duty. The same old gun combat which gets a bit monotonous sometimes. Though Ghosts puts up a fair fight to Battlefield 4 but we have to give this one to Battlefield 4.

ghosts multiplayer


We all know how amazing Battlefield 3 was, the special effects and the reflections on the map and objects felt so real. With the Frostbite 3 engine the graphics have escalated to a whole new level. The explosions, bullet damage effect, map reflections, environment response all feel pretty real. Just when you think it cant get any better we got to see the most amazing  part of it all , you can demolish entire buildings and skyscrapers during the game making the opponent rush for cover. This takes the immersion to an insanely new level and yes it gives you goosebumps. The level of detail in the open field maps also feels amazing to play in and does provide a level of realism to the whole gaming experience.

battlefield 4 graphics

Infinity ward tried to pose a comeback with Call of Duty Ghosts by announcing that it would be released for the next-gen consoles. With added environment interactions and special effects, the game does manage to sweep you off your feet. The forest detailing and reflections bring about a level of realism but fail to go past that Call of Duty cliche graphics. It seems like Infinity ward could not exploit the next generation console hardware completely as the graphics show no major difference. We have to give this one to Battlefield 4.

ghosts graphics

So the bout is fair and even. Both franchises tried their level best to lure the gaming community to their end but it really would be unfair to crown a sole winner. Battlefield 4 does seem to be a winner here but it is just a personal opinion based on my review. I would leave it up to you guys to decide who deserves to win the crown of THE BEST FPS GAME OF 2013.


The Best Tech at CES 2014



The Consumer Electronic Show 2014 had us on our toes all through the the 4 day extravaganza. With a breathtaking display of innovative products   the audience was in for a treat for sure. Though its hard to reward certain products with the “Best Product” title we would surely try our level best to share the technologies which stood out during the show.

Virtual Reality: Oculus Rift

The first version of this virtual reality wearable device did not have much in it with  basic movement motions and angle of vision. The updated Crystal Clove version which was showcased in CES 2014 caught us by surprise. The tracking system allows you to peek down from ledges and well optimized movement with the ability to lean at corners. We are desperately waiting for the product as it is bound to take gaming to a whole new level.


The next generation Television

Both Samsung and LG brought in their futuristic series of televisions to amaze us all. The televisions provide ultra HD 4k  OLED display in a screen that bends to provide an unmatched immersive experience. This smart move by both the tech giants is surely going to bring about a revolution in the home entertainment market. The bending televisions would be up for sale later this year and surely would be a hard hit on your pocket. But, the money would be well spent as this new generation of televisions is surely going to set you generations apart from others.

bend tv

A whole new dimension to gaming: PLAYSTATION NOW

Sony has stepped up the competition in the gaming industry with its revolutionary technology called “PlayStation NOW”.  Acquisition of Gaikai in $380 million finally paid off for Sony at CES 2014. The stakes are high for the revolution in the gaming entertainment business. PlayStation Now enables subscribers to stream PS3  (PS1, PS2 titles also promised as later release ) game titles onto their Sony Tv’s, smart phones, PS Vita straight from the cloud. With services like buying, demo, rental Sony has brought out a whole new perspective to playing games on the go. The demo at CES 2014 was amazing, “The Last of Us” was being streamed onto a PS Vita without any lag or glitch of any kind. This definitely is a game changer for Sony and is bound to set it out in the spotlight for the years to come. We would surely try to get our hands on the early closed beta release  later this year.


Nvidia’s fifth generation “TEGRA K1” mobile processor

Jen-Hsun Huang( NVIDIA CEO) never fails to surprise his audience during his presentations. He accomplished this feat yet again with the release of Nvidia’s ground breaking next-gen mobile processor series. Not only does this processor rock 192 Kepler graphic cores but also provides high end graphics and supports Unreal Engine 4 which enables designers to carry super computer like monstrous power in their pockets. This completely changes the way we look at mobile processors,Tegra K1 would be the first 64 bit processor to support android, this processor lineup is sure to ushers in a whole new level of graphic details in android  games. Nvidia takes on Apple head on with the claim stating that ” Tegra K1 has 3x the performance of the A7 processor”. This new series proves Nvidia’s supremacy in visual computing one again, here is a seak peak into what the Tegra K1 can do.

Sony’s New Flagship Smart Phone: XPERIA Z1 COMPACT

This new flagship smartphone from Sony puts the myth of “Bigger is Better” to dust. This 4.3 inch smartphone is loaded with the same high end specs and water resistant technology as its elder brother the Xperia Z1. This phone is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800  processor and supported by 2 Gb of ram. The rear camera is a powerful 20.7 megapixel  which is the same as the 5 inch Xperia Z1. The Z1 compact also carries Sony’s “Triluminous” display technology to compensate for a not so sharp screen resolution of 1280×720 which turns out to be the only set back of this otherwise amazing smart phone.

z1 compact


Lenovo has made it quite clear that it means serious business with its new 8.3 inch windows 8.1 tablet. This tablet has got some amazing specs under the hood making it a sole winner in the 8 inch tablet market. With a sharp 1920×1200 screen resolution it provides an amazing entertainment experience. It runs on Intel’s Atom Bay Trail processor clocked at 2.4GHz , the best part being that it supports 4K  video playback. It houses a 8 MP high resolution rear camera and a 2.2 MP front facing camera. This tablet has an amazing sleek all aluminium design which is inline with the ThinkPad legacy. In all this tablet is the best bet for a handy professional tablet which is fully packed for entertainment purposes.

lenovo thinkpad 8


MSI is well known for its series of GPU’s and laptops. Its new gaming laptop swept us off our feet with its amazing specs given its sleek design and light body.The design is inspired by muscle cars and the body is as light as 3 pounds, what baffled us was that it is suppose to be lighter than the Razor blade 14 and the 15 inch Mac book pro. It has a sharp 2880×1620 resolution and will carry two mSATA drives. Though MSI did not share any further specs it can be predicted that the laptop will carry a high end intel processor and a discrete graphics unit. The laptop also has a smart cooling system, the top of the keyboard has a layer which sucks in cool air and radiates hot air out through the bottom and the ends.

MSI concept laptop2MSI concept laptop1

CES 2014 kept the consumers engaged with some enthralling products ranging from automobiles to devices. What was note worthy was the fact that technology is briskly moving towards  a more sustainable solution to development of society which is definitely the need of the hour.

The Steam Machine might turn out to be Xbox One and PS4’s Predator !!



As VALVE prepares to enter the console entertainment market with its  Linux based Steam OS. Not just that it has also confirmed a revolutionary gaming controller which is already turning a lot of heads months before its official release.

Just when Microsoft and Sony thought that they were at the pinnacle of console gaming with their latest entries ( XBOX One and PS4 respectively). Valve enters the game and ridicules the entertainment giants in the best way possible.

The official specs of the Steam Machine are out and they are breathtaking. Just when you thought that the 8GB of ram in the XBox one and the PS4 was just enough , Valve confirmed a whooping 16GB of RAM . Not just that,  the colossal machine would be powered by the NVIDIA TITAN GPU and  Intel i7- 4770,  to add on to the pain a 1TB SSHD( Hybrid Drive) . That not only makes the present market leaders look puny but also sends a strong message to the Microsoft and Sony  camps to step up their game , else that day is not far off when there would be a monopoly in the console gaming industry.


Recap of the Proposed Specs of the Steam Machine:

Processor :  Intel i7-4770


RAM :  16 GB

Storage :    1TB SSHD (Solid state Hybrid Drive)

Our Verdict : Though the steam machine does seem to be far better in terms of specs and overall appeal , but with the Nvidia Titan priced at  $1000 alone , it would be intriguing to see how Valve manages to bring its console into the price bracket of the Xbox One and the PS4 ( $500- $600 ) with  its expensive hardware.

If it is able to do so, it would indeed be the end of Microsoft and Sony’s long run duopoly in the console industry.

GTA 5 becomes the most selling game in the HISTORY of gaming in just THREE days!!



Yes its official , GTA 5 has become the “MOST SELLING GAME” in the history of the gaming industry and whats more shocking is that it has managed to do that within 3 days of its release .

Now coming to the magic figures GTA 5 has been successful in touching the £1 billion mark in just 3 days of its release.

This Colossal game was developed by Rockstar North. The far fetched success didnt come easy , the game took 5 years of  dedicated and indefatigable work by the highly motivated team , every member knew that they were going to be a part of something historic.

Although, the early success of this game doesn’t come as a surprise to us, Rockstar spending over $150 million in advertising and marketing this game, so it seems the money was well spent as even non gamers seemed quite titillated after the release of the first official gameplay of the epic game.

This game also introduces the concept of multi character RPG gameplay  with close integrity every gamer is in for a treat with breathtaking graphics and thousands of new features this surely is a must have game.

For those of you who still are not swept off their feet by the awesomeness of this game here’s  a sneak peak into the game:

Our Verdict  :  Go Grab Your Copy Today!!

Microsoft takes over Nokia’s Handset Unit to fight back Apple and Google


Nokia has finally called it a day off  when finally they released an official announcement stating that they are handing over their Mobile phone unit to Microsoft for $7.17 billion. Bringing an end to the misery of the once Monopoly unit.

Nokia has also said that they are going to divert their attention to network infrastructure and mapping making these services as their primary objectives.


This news might have come as a shock to many but internal sources reveal that this move was on Ballmer’s card as Nokia’s chief executive who had left Microsoft in 2010 to take control at Nokia acted as a “trojan horse” for Microsoft as claimed by many.

This deal has brought smiles on the faces of Nokia’s share holders who were elated to see the share prices rise by a whooping 45%.

It is being speculated that this deal will help Microsoft fight back to the duopoly of Apple and Samsung.

Apart from the deal Microsoft is also going to provide Nokia $2 billion of immediate financing knowing the fact that Nokia faced a severe financial crisis a few months ago.

nokia microsoft deal

As a part of the deal Stephen Elop (Nokia’s cheif executive) will move back to Microsoft , the word is in the air that he is the next face of Microsoft after Steve Ballmer (CEO Microsoft) who announced later this August that he would depart in the next 12 months.

This deal might bring new hopes to tech enthusiasts but one still cant believe how  after a decade of Monopoly Finland’s Mobile Phone Market’s  Goliath perished in the next decade , we can just wish for the best and we are desperately waiting for the range of new devices by Microsoft.

Apple’s iPhone Trade-In program



We all are aware of the fact that every time you walk out of an Apple store with a new iPhone somewhere in the back of you mind you know that in a couple of years your device will be history and there would be some other fancy iPhone in the market.

So that means you would have to buy a new iPhone every year to stay up to date with Apple’s technology hierarchy.

This is the dilemma f or almost all Apple customers so Apple has decided to come up with a scheme which allows existing iPhone owners to trade in their iPhone for a newer one which would fetch them a fair enough deal so that they don’t have to buy a new one every year at the market price. Its helpful and super easy.


Owners of a iPhone 4 or 4s can take their phone to an nearby Apple store and get it inspected by the employee. You would be asked a few question about the condition of you device and if everything goes on just fine you would be given fair deals on your device’s trade-in.

A good condition 16Gb iPhone 4 or 4S is worth $120-200.

Similarly a good condition 16Gb iPhone 5  is worth $250.

You can even opt for a gift card and use it to buy your new iPhone or a mac , its completely your choice.

This would definitely help the Apple customers as the new iPhone 5S might hit the market this September .

All you need to know about the new iPhone



After the iPhone 5 fiasco Apple Inc. are gearing up for the their new iPhone release like every year. We would be sharing a few leaked and the rumors at Apple have always been consistent so this one is as good as a pre release review.


The shift from iPhone 5 to iPhone 5S would not bring major design changes though we can expect a little but not noteworthy changes in the way the iPhone 5S looks.

The internals have definitely got a boost. The new ARM chip , the A7 is being rumored and it even fits the Apple’s processor legacy with the current iPhone 5 rocking the A6 processor.

The A7 chip would supposedly be a dual core chip but with a slightly improved design which makes it 31%  faster than the A6 chip.

The A7 may also have a 64 bit support and an upgraded quad-core SGX544MP4 GPU which would drastically improve the gaming experience which was already so quaint on the iPhone 5.

We could even expect a boost of 2GB of RAM , our sources also do not deny the probability of a 128 GB variant of the iPhone 5S.

The battery would get a little boost to support this hardware no specific numbers have been revealed yet.


The camera would definitely get a boost , not just in Megapixels but also in its aperture to allow more light for less hazy images in low lighting environment. The resolution would even get a minor bump with 12 MP. This would be the same as the f-stop used by HTC in its 4MP ultrapixel camera.


Every apple product has two major   BLACK and WHITE cliche variants. But all of us have head about the new Gold or Champagne elite version.


What you might not know is that there is another variant that might not sound as cool as the “Champagne” iPhone but is cool enough to give it a shot.

The Graphite iPhone 5S  , the top and bottom section would be black and the rest of the body would get a gunmetal finish.


Thats not just it the HOME button of the iPhone which has been an iconic part of every iPhone or as a matter of fact every Apple product’s design might just be replaced by a FINGERPRINT Reader or probably placing it right next to it.


We can expect Apple to release the new iPhone 5S on September 10 at Moscone Center (expected). This could even be the official release date of the iOS 7 too.

Apple always pops up a new software addition every year to its iPhone series  just like  “Siri” in the iPhone 4S took us by surprise , we could  expect something of that sort in the iPhone 5S but we are not sure what it might be. This keeping Apple’s motto in consideration.

With the Apple’s new Trade-in program existing Apple customers who own an iPhone 4,4S,5 can trade in their iPhone for the new iPhone 5S  ,  read more about the  Trade-In Program

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